Workwhile Questions with High on Type

The pyramids of Giza, projecting dreams, cycling in Tuscany, and embracing the unknown. We get to know Guido de Boer, Vincent de Boer, Hans Schuttenbeld, and Ivo Brouwer - the guys behind High on Type - to find out what makes them tick.

From L to R: Hans Schuttenbeld, Guido de Boer, Vincent de Boer, Ivo Brouwer

From L to R: Hans Schuttenbeld, Guido de Boer, Vincent de Boer, Ivo Brouwer

1) What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Vincent: Wanting to want nothing at all.
Hans: That's something I don't think about.
Guido: A beer after a full day of cycling in Tuscany.
Ivo: The view of a mountain lake.


2) What is your greatest fear?

Vincent: I don’t know!
Hans: Nothing scares me except money.
Guido: Fear.
Ivo: Wasps.


3) Which living person do you most admire?

Vincent: Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Hans: BB King. (For me he's still alive!)
Guido: Magnus Carlsen.
Ivo: My father.


4) What is your greatest extravagance?

Vincent: Vinyl.
Hans: The size of my house.
Guido: Racing bicycles.
Ivo: Shoes.

Work by Vincent de Boer

Work by Vincent de Boer

5) What is your current state of mind?

Vincent: Switching off my phone for the coming 5 days.
Hans: Chill.
Guido: Work, work, work.
Ivo: Looking forward to what’s coming.


6) What do you consider the most overrated trend in design?

Vincent: I’m luckily not up to date to this anymore!
Hans: Talking about trends.
Guido: Hand-lettering.
Ivo: Hand-lettering.


7) Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Vincent: Manmanmanmanman.
Hans: VERS! (translated to english; FRESH!)
Guido: Moet jij weten!
Ivo: Fresh.


8) What piece of work do you wish you’d done yourself?

Vincent: Eastern Sounds by Yusef Lateef
Hans: Dazzle camouflage by Norman Wilkinson.
Guido: Almost everything from Lawrence Weiner.
Ivo: The Pyramids of Giza.

Works by Hans Schuttenbeld

Works by Hans Schuttenbeld


9) What is your dream project?

Vincent: A series of 10 large wall paintings, all in different countries.
Hans: Projecting dreams.
Guido: That always has something to do with time!
Ivo: Doing a skateboard deck series.


10) What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Vincent: Still to come!
Hans: Being able to travel with my talented friends to combine work and holiday in countries I wouldn't see without all those international projects. (We're going to Russia!)
Guido: All my exhibitions abroad, I think.
Ivo: All Eyes on Type Festival.


11) What is your most useful tool you use for your craft?

Vincent: Focus.
Hans: Broad nib metal pen.
Guido: Just some ink and a brush.
Ivo: My mind.


12) What do you do to get out of a creative rut?

Vincent: Reading and playing music.
Hans: Take a deep breath.
Guido: Cycle.
Ivo: Day at the park with my girlfriend & the dog.

Work by Guido de Boer

Work by Guido de Boer

13) What would you do if you weren’t doing what you do?

Vincent: I'd be a bass player. Or drummer. Or wait, bass. Aw, no... Drum.
Hans: Probably drawing and painting.
Guido: No plan B.
Ivo: Can't think of another thing I'd do.


14) What makes you unique in your craft?

Vincent: Staying close to myself.
Hans: Using my imagination.
Guido: Probably the practical and manual approach.
Ivo: Problem-solving skills.


15) What do you most value in a client?

Vincent: Understanding of time and focus. For good things, you need time and focus.
Hans: Having lots of money to buy me time.
Guido: Patience, confidence, trust and listening.
Ivo: Confidence and open-mindedness.


16) What do you most value in a collaborator?

Vincent: Respect of each others’ work ethics.
Hans: Synergy.
Guido: To think as a whole and not from an ego.
Ivo: Unrestrained enthusiasm.

Works by Ivo Brouwer

Works by Ivo Brouwer


17) Who are your professional inspirations?

Vincent: Mainly musicians! For now: ILL CONSIDERED from London. Why? They’re totally independent.
Hans: Trees, flowers and water.
Guido: Those things change everyday.
Ivo: Mostly everyday things like views from the train & signs on the streets.


18) Which historical or fictional figure do you most identify with?

Vincent: John Difool, head character in The Incal.
Hans: I never met them so I don't know.
Guido: The Man without a Name in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Ivo: Lucky Luke.


19) Who are your heroes in real life?

Vincent: My cat, Loewietje
Hans: Those who are able to love.
Guido: Almost all participants at our All Eyes on Type festival next month.
Ivo: Anyone who supports the stuff we do as High on Type


20) What is your greatest regret?

Vincent: To regret.
Hans: None.
Guido: None.
Ivo: Don’t regret your decisions.


21) What is your motto?

Vincent: Embrace the unknown.
Hans: Reflections are real.
Guido: Ask why.
Ivo: Anything is possible


About High on Type

High on Type is a collective of eight designers and artists who share a passion for letters. In order to share their knowledge and skills with the like-minded, High on Type organise workshops, lectures and other events to offer people interested in letters a range of new insights, visions and visuals. 

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